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  • What Is A Wrap?
    A wrap is an adhesive-backed vinyl covering (or large sticker) which wraps around portions of a vehicle, boat, aircraft, wall, refrigerator or just about any other smooth surface.
  • Who Uses Wraps?
    (1) Wraps are used by all types of businesses that have vehicles, signs, or even buildings they want to advertise on. From fleets, to freights, to frigs’ we wrap it all! (2) Today wraps are also being used as an alternative to painting vehicles (also know as paint-replacement or color change). You can safely change the color of your vehicle with a vinyl wrap – the benefits of wrapping instead of painting are a) it’s not permanent, when you’re tired of the color or turning in your lease, simply remove it, b) it protects the original OEM paint from sun damage, scratches, and wear-and-tear.
  • Why Should I Wrap My Vehicle?
    Wraps are the most inexpensive form of advertising! You already paid for the vehicles (or boat or building, etc.), you are already driving it around and it cost less per impression (or viewing) than any other form of advertising! It also protects the vehicles original paint underneath the wrap.
  • How Much Do Vehicle Wraps Cost?
    As with any form, advertising isn’t cheap, but IT IS cost effective! AND vehicle wraps are THE MOST cost effective form of outdoor advertising on the market today! You just can’t beat them! We also offer vehicle wrap financing – more info on financing your wrap can be found here. Contact us for a quote on your specific job.
  • Will A Vehicle Wrap Damage My Car's Paint Upon Removal?
    No. In fact it will protect your vehicles painted surfaces. Usually the only time a vehicle’s paint may be affected is in the case of repaint job and/or a damaged clear coat. The majority of our wraps will not affect a factory painted vehicles surface when removed. We recommend that you bring your vehicle back to us to remove your wrap. Removing it yourself may remove some of your paint, so our installers are also experts at uninstalling wraps with special materials.
  • How Long Will A Vehicle Wrap Last?
    You can expect your wrap to last 3 to 5 years or longer, providing you are mindful about caring for the wrap (NO POWER WASHING or AUTOMATIC CAR WASHES).
  • Do You Offer Any Kind Of Warranty?
    We offer a one year limited warranty on our commercial vehicle wraps for material applied to OEM – factory painted surfaces along with a one year limited warranty for material applied to window surfaces. We will fix and/or correct any pops and or lifts of the material from a seem, wheel-well, corner, recess or edge. NOTE: We DO NOT offer any warranties whatsoever on vehicles which have repainted or repaired in any way shape or form. Nor on any surfaces that have damaged clear coats. No exceptions!
  • How Do I Care For My Wrap?
    Hand washing is best. Avoid high pressure washes and be careful never to use an ice-scraper on any wrapped or window perf surfaces. Sweeping off windows with a soft broom or brush or using your rear defroster should not cause damage to your vehicle wrap. See Care Instructions Page here.
  • What is a partial wrap and what is the difference between a 1/2 wrap and a 3/4 wrap
    A partial wrap covers only “parts” of the vehicle so a 1/2 wrap might include the entire rear of the vehicle and 1/2 way up the vehicle, and/or a hood logo. 3/4 Wrap might include the entire rear of a vehicle and 3/4 way up the vehicle, and perhaps a hood logo. Contact Designer Wraps for some design options and a free consultation. Typically, a Full Wrap includes the entire surface of the vehicle with or without the roof, depending on the vehicle and the client’s wishes.
  • What is the approximate time frame expected for installation once the design is approved?
    From the time that the design is completed and approved by the client, a wrap can be printed and installed within 10 days. We like to keep the vehicle for at least two to three (2-3) days, depending on the vehicle type, for installation. Please note: some vehicle will require a longer installation time (color changes require a minimum of 5 business days and might take as long as 10 depending on the job specifications) – we will let you know ahead of time how long it should take for scheduling purposes.
  • What kind of resolution is required for artwork and what file types do you accept?
    It really does depend on what we're using the files for, but for vehicles, it is important to finish with a resolution of no less than 72dpi at full size. We can accept almost any file type (PC or Mac) and prefer the format to be in line-art, such as .eps files or high resolution, uncompressed .psd files and vector files.
  • What if I don't have any high resolution artwork?
    High-resolution artwork is available and can be purchased through various sources. Providing you can purchase Royalty free artwork, you can then use it in all of your marketing material. We provide several links from our website to a few popular artwork sites. We will not use copyrighted artwork and/or pictures without permission from it’s copyrighted owner or unless you have rights to use the material (proof must be submitted prior to design/install). Alternatively, we can assist you in designing a complete wrap from concept to completion which includes dealing with all of the high resolution artwork. Once completed, we will also provide you with a disk of your artwork for future use. The cost of the design can range in price, depending on the time and complexity.
  • Can you wrap anything other than vehicles?
    Yes. Designer Wraps can wrap cars, trucks, boats, 18 wheelers, car haulers, race cars, concept cars, tour buses, trailers, cargo vans, box trucks, SUVs, shipping containers, walls, windows, storefronts, even buildings … windows, interior walls, exterior walls, floors, asphalt, machinery, ...and more (just ask us) … providing that the surface to wrap has enough adhesion for the vinyl. The sky truly is the limit when it comes to wrapping ... well, with the exception of the last FAQ on what we won't wrap.
  • What won't you wrap?
    Sorry, but we do not wrap motorcycles, dirtbike’s, atv’s, jetskis, or helmets. We also don't wrap anything with crusty paint, you know what we mean ... anything heavily oxidized, or flakey and/or chipping paint.
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